Joining Troop 15 or 1015

Welcome to Troops 15 & 1015!

Youth Registration

Are you interested in joining our troop? Welcome! The registration process begins online. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Register for Boys Troop 15 or Girls Troop 1015
  2. Complete BSA medical form. Parts A, B1, and B2, immunizations including Covid vaccines, and a copy of both sides of your insurance card. Please print and bring this complete to the next meeting. To attend Scout events over 72 hours, a physical with your doctor is required. Please use this form.
  3. Complete Continuing Medical Release and Permission Slip form. Bring this form to the next troop meeting.
  4. Please send PDFs of both the BSA medical form and the Continuing Medical Release forms to Evin Levey.
  5. Complete your contact information (google form link?)

NOTE: Adult Registration steps are at the bottom of this page.


The regular uniform is referred to as a Class A uniform. You can get all the parts & patches you’ll need at the Marin Council Trading Post in San Rafael. Just let them know you’re with Troop 15 or Troop 1015 and they’ll get you set up with what you’ll need.  Please note that both troops provide each new Scout with a neckerchief, slide, and handbook.

More information on Class A uniforms and where to sew the patches can be found here.

Signing Up for Events

Troops 15 and 1015 do all of our trip planning via SignUpGenius and all payments are done via WePay which is linked to the SignUpGenius form. For trips that require advance planning, please be aware that the last day to sign up is typically about a week and a half before the actual event, sometimes even earlier depending on the Troop meeting schedule.  Sign-ups close the day before the actual Troop meeting so that the Scouts have a definitive list of attendees in order to plan their meals and assign Scouts to specific jobs. Please help them out by respecting the sign-up dates.   Upcoming events are always posted here:

Council Newsletter

Please be sure to sign up for the Marin Council newsletter The Dispatch so that you don’t miss any important updates. Click here.

Patrol Information

Scouts are split into Patrols to facilitate activities and rank advancement.  New Scouts are assigned to a Trail to First Class (TTFC) patrol which focuses on helping them achieve the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.  This patrol receives extra guidance from both an Assistant Scoutmaster, and older scouts.

Troop Committee and Adult Volunteers

While the Troops are youth-lead organizations and you’ll see this come into play as the Scout leadership runs meetings, plans events, etc., our Scouts are assisted by adult leaders.  Unlike Cub Scouts, the Boy Scout adult leaders are there to guide the Scouts but not to do the work for them. For example, Scouts are responsible for cooking, setting up camp, and deciding in general what activities they would like to do over the course of the year.  At Troop meetings, Scouts do not need to have an Adult Partner as they did in Cub Scouts, though we adhere to the “2 Deep” leadership philosophy of having a minimum of 2 adults at each Scout function and parents/guardians are always welcome to observe the Troop activities.

If you are interested in helping the Troop as an adult leader, we’d certainly appreciate your assistance. You could be an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) or a member of the Troop Committee. ASMs work directly with the Scouts while Committee members help out in staff-type positions (e.g. Treasurer, Secretary, etc.) Please contact Committee Chair Liz Chambers.

Adult Registration

In order for parents to attend trips and activities, they need to be registered adults with our Troops.

Here are the steps to register:

  1. Please set up a account.
  2. Complete mandatory BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) here. Click on the box that says New to Scouting. Once you finish the training, please send Lisa Linnenkohl a PDF of the certificate.  Sometimes it takes 24 hours to be able to download it.
  3. Register as an Adult for Troop 15 Boys here or for Troop 1015 Girls here.
  4. All California adult volunteers are required to take the state of CA Mandated Reporter Training. Please take the training here. Please send Lisa Linnenkohl the certificate once you receive it or can download it. Please also upload it here.
  5. Adult volunteers are also required to do a one-time Live Scan Fingerprinting. Please take THIS FORM to UPS and local police stations that offer this service.  Please call before you go to make sure they are set up to do it.  UPS in Montecito Plaza in San Rafael and Marin County sheriff’s office.  But again, you need to call first.
  6. Complete the BSA medical forms. Parts A, B1, and B2, immunizations including Covid vaccines, and a copy of both sides of your insurance card.  Please bring this complete to the next meeting. To attend Scout events over 72 hours, a physical with your doctor is required. Please use this
  7. Complete the Continuing Medical Release and Permission Slip form. Print and bring to the next troop meeting.