Upcoming Events: SignUpGenius

Why is important to sign up by the posted deadline?

Everyone gets busy and at times, items on the calendar or emails get overlooked.  If a signup deadline has passed, the Troop will do its best to accommodate late sign ups; however, it’s important to know that it’s not as simple as just adding someone’s name to the SignUpGenius page.

Why do we set the sign up deadline before a Troop meeting?

  • We set the sign up deadline before a meeting so the Scouts know who all is attending, who will be the patrol leaders, food purchasers, gear bringers, etc.

What documents are prepared before a Troop meeting?

What happens if someone asks to sign up late?

Adding someone after the deadline requires:

  • Reopening the SignUpGenius for the latecomer to sign up and pay or send them to Paypal to donate and then adding them manually to the attendance list.
    • Being on that list is critical for the Troop to ensure participants are covered by BSA insurance if something unfortunate were to occur.
    • If the late attendee pays via Paypal, that means our Treasurer team needs to spend extra time reconciling a trip as the payment arrives in our account in a different manner.
  • Deleting the final attendance .pdf, generating a new one, & uploading that to the website.
  • Contacting the Scout who is doing the food purchasing or ensuring the adult who signed up late closes that loop so that there is the right amount of food.
  • Reorganizing patrols, ensuring everyone has a tent mate, and that the jobs assigned for the trip are redistributed fairly since the Patrol Plan the Scouts developed the night of the meeting is no longer accurate.
  • Updating the Patrol Plan and posting it in place of the original.

In essence, one late sign up means doing almost everything again for a second time or more, if multiple people ask to sign up after the deadline.  So while it may not seem like it on the surface, it is more than just adding a name.  It’s a time consuming process for the volunteers and the Scouts, too.

Thank you in advance for signing up on time.  We all appreciate it!

Please click on the following links for more information and to register for an event (NOTE:  The sign up dates occur before the date of the event and are noted as such below):

OPEN –  Initial Payment ($100) for Northen Tier, Aug 1-8 2020:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040848a4aa2ba75-2020
06-07 Jul – Caleb Krick Eagle Project, Forward 3″ Gun Restoration, SS Red Oak Victory in Richmond:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040848A4AA2BA75-2019070607
14-20 Jul – Marin Sierra Summer Camp First Week
28 Jul – 03 Aug – Marin Sierra Summer Camp Second Week for Troop 1015
20 Jul – 02 Aug – Philmont
28 Aug – First Regular Meeting after the summer break
11 Sep – Regular meeting, Troop Elections, Order of the Arrow Elections
18 Sep – Court of Honor
27-29 Sep – California Caverns Spelunking
11-13 Oct – Trail to First Class Weekend, Camp Tamarancho (tentative)
07-09 Feb – Winter Camp, Camp Marin Sierra

Gear for each trip will vary depending on the activity but here is a Typical Troop Outing Packing List

In addition, here’s the Summer Camp Packing List.